A Boy’s Short Life

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Highly Recommended for:

  • Senior secondary school readers or older;
  • Readers with a desire to know more about Aboriginal issues;
  • Readers with little time.


Archie Roach’s song encapsulated Louis’ life,  “We have loved a sweet, sweet child…

That sweet, sweet Aboriginal child grew up loved and cared for by his white adoptive family, and was missed by his relinquishing family. However, neither family could protect him from the overwhelming torrent of racism in middle-class Western Australia in the 1990s.  He was to be murdered on the streets on North Beach (WA) in 1992 on his nineteenth birthday.                 

This book explores the short life of a young man whose life was truncated and raises the question – Can Australia honestly be seen as ‘Post Colonial’ given our predilection to continue to harm Aboriginal people (children) with little recourse to justice? 

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