All Western Australians should know the truth about the genocidal WA policies and procedures that led to the removal of Aboriginal children from their families and the ongoing intergenerational trauma faced by Stolen Generations Survivors and their families.
The Bringing Them Home 20 Years On Report, by the Healing Foundation reinforces the need for a universal, safe and culturally appropriate scheme for financial redress as an acknowledgment of past wrongs and as compensation for the socio-economic disadvantage resulting from removal.
All social and emotional wellbeing services and programs should be coordinated and holistic, involving healing programs that deal with the underlying causes of intergenerational trauma.
Connection to Culture and Country, language and history is a fundamental right for all Aboriginal people and an important foundation for their healing.
Stolen Generations Survivors should have a voice in relation to the development of services that support their needs: “Our Problems – Our Solutions”.
Aboriginal community controlled organisations (ACCOs) should provide leadership in healing solutions and collaborate with other service providers: “Our Healing – Our Way”.
Self-respect, involving pride in yourself, your Culture, your language and your history is a fundamental right for all Aboriginal people.
Mutual respect is a pre-requisite for building trust, from which Aboriginal people can be involved in open communication and honest dialogue.
Integrity is a requirement for truth and justice, which requires people to do the right thing, in the right way, whilst always acting with honesty and transparency.

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