About the WA Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation

We began on this path in response to this resolution at the 2013 Stolen Generations Forum, when we became the WA Stolen Generations Alliance, an unincorporated body. This organisation has been further developed as the WA Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation (WASGAC) and its Rules have just been accepted by ORIC. There were delays in firming the objectives of the organisation as it has advocacy as well as direct service requirements stipulated by Stolen Generations people at the Forum and frequently, subsequent to it.

There have also been very significant emerging opportunities and risks in the meanwhile, as well as a need to look at the governance arrangements of developed organisations with similar aims. These have needed consideration as well and all in a limited resource environment. The reason for the organisation existing is for supporting and addressing the needs of individuals and families adversely affected by policies and practices of separating Aboriginal peoples from their family, community, country and culture.

It has its membership open predominantly to people affected by government-sanctioned, Church-supported, race-based kidnapping, cultural genocide and slavery. Membership also includes Aboriginal community controlled organisations. However WASGAC aims to be reconciliation based and recognises the vital assistance and goodwill of mainstream Australians and their organisations and these will, on application, also be considered as part of its membership.