The WA Stolen Generations Museum

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The dismantling of the WA Museum main building in Northbridge and it’s 4 year rebuild has its pros and cons for the museum-goer and educators however we reaped a major benefit – the donation of the whole of its Stolen Generations display. The display is a credit to it’s creators – truthful and blunt about the history of planned genocide of Aboriginal people through robbing them of their human rights, their independent livelihoods, cultures, languages and children. We have a panel on why these fit international conventions on genocide. We have temporarily surrounded the walls of the offices with the display panels – larger than life photographs of AO Neville, racist legislative quotes from politicians, clergy and government officials, eugenics advice from medical practitioners and letters from parents pleading for the return of their children. We need to get the display reproduced for both its preservation and multiples made available for display at the Mission sites and public events. If anyone can help please let us know.