Wellington Square Memorial Soft Launch

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On November 24th 2021, Yokai, along with the City of Perth launched the new Wellington Square Memorial in acknowledgment of the Stolen Generations.

In 2020, artist Sandra Hill – an Elder and custodian of the Wadandi (salt water) people of the South West of WA – was chosen to create an art piece at Wellington square.

Sandra’s artwork showcases two tail feathers of the Karrak (Red-Tailed Cockatoo) bird. The feathers represent the collective loss of the boys (bold feather) and girls (striped feather) that were stolen from their families.  

Her artwork also comprises of 5 Mia Mia’s (traditional houses) which signifies ‘bringing them home’. This is because Wellington Square has long been a meeting place for Aboriginal people. Especially when our people were released from the missions and institutions, many would come to Wellington Square in search for family and/or a way home. 

As a member of the Stolen Generations, Sandra said she knows firsthand what it was like for so many others in the community. “I understand the grief, loss and heartbreak from having had that experience” – “I understand what needs to be said through art”.  

Our members should be proud of their involvement in this, and we know all West Australians will benefit from this powerful Truth Telling project, inspired by our member Sandra Hill.

These art pieces are now a strong commemoration for our old people at Wellington Square. 

Looking Moorditj for our mob!